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People who are successful are not alwaysthe most intelligent, but are always the oneswho stick on, despite all odds. We at IPSA,encourage student to carve out their own nichewhen nothing is certain, except uncertainty,

A well-rounded and growth orientededucation alone can ensure success over thechallenging opportunities now available large numbers to the young generation. IPSA, through its expanding activities which have been appreciated by both the students and parents, can rightfully claim its contribution in this direction.

Our distinct way of teaching ensures that the students are equipped to succeed even when there is no definite path to walk on!

IPSA has revolutionized the field of science education ever since it was established in April 1996. The philosophy of IPSA is guided by trust & confidence, transparency & honesty and perfection and excellence. IPSA believes in interactive learning and increasing interaction with subjects. IPSA offers a unique blend of knowledge.